Empowering Ethiopian Agriculture Through Innovation

Integrating digital solutions and sustainable energy for a thriving future

At Bedebo, we are revolutionizing the agricultural value chain in Ethiopia. Through digital platforms and eco-friendly energy solutions, we are enhancing livelihoods, reducing post-harvest losses, and empowering small-scale farmers and women. Join us on our journey towards a sustainable agricultural future

Our Story

Founded by visionaries from the Ethiopian diaspora, Bedebo is committed to transforming Ethiopian agriculture into a sustainable, productive, and profitable sector. Our integrated approach brings modern technology and renewable energy solutions to the heart of Ethiopia’s farming communities

To leverage digital innovation and sustainable energy to improve market access, productivity, and sustainability for Ethiopia’s small-scale farmers and women

Our Solutions

We have a wide range of solutions that we have provided

Digital Marketplace Platform

Connecting farmers directly with markets, our platform ensures traceability, fair pricing, real-time market data, and secure mobile transactions.

Eco-friendly Cold Storage Solutions

Powered by renewable energy, our cold storage facilities reduce post-harvest losses, ensuring that farmers can store and transport their produce safely and efficiently

Solar-Powered Farming Tools

Affordable, maintainable solar-powered tools make farming more efficient and less reliant on non-renewable energy sources

Training and Capacity Building

We offer comprehensive training on sustainable practices and digital literacy, empowering farmers to maximize their productivity and income

Our Impact

The positive change we drive

Empowering Communities

Through our innovative solutions, we are enabling farmers to access new markets, improve their yields, reduce post-harvest losses, and increase their incomes. Our emphasis on women’s inclusion is advancing gender equality within the agricultural sector.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability is woven into every aspect of our work, from employing solar-powered cold storage and irrigation systems to contributing to carbon credit projects. We are not merely transforming agriculture; we are ensuring a healthier planet.

Our Impact

Get Involved

How can you get involved with bedebo’s operation

For Farmers and Agricultural Service Providers

Enhance your farming with Bedebo. Boost yields and market access through our digital and
sustainable solutions

For Partners and Investors

Support Ethiopian agriculture’s transformation with your partnership or investment. Join us in making a lasting impact.

For Vendors and Wholesalers

Access quality, sustainably sourced agricultural products. Partner with Bedebo to improve your supply chain’s reliability and sustainability

Contact Us

We are eager to hear from you. Whether you are a farmer, potential partner, or just interested in learning more about our work, contact us today

HQ: Legehar, ORDA Building, 15th Floor
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

+251-11-558-0006  / +251-911-558-0010


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